A. K. Moss
Western living,
& Rhyme!

                   Bringing the west alive in word and rhyme

             Author, personality Speaker and Cowboy Poet

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Western poetry, steeped deep within the roots of American history. Listen to A.K. Moss's smooth voice. Let it cast you into the western world of life.

About A. K. Moss

Her Voice

A.K. Moss smooth voice creates a link between horses, people, and western living. Her experiences has driven her to connect the communication gap between them. She writes from the heart, sharing her knowledge, writing and poetry across the US and Canada. Earning awards in poetry from Cowboy Idol, to Keeper of the West.

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A. K. Moss's writing roots

Writing has always been A.K. strong suit, starting with Cowboy Poetry. Driven to write of her experiences with horses has brought her novels and blogs to life with the integrity of western living and the impact horses she has worked with from mustangs to draft horses and all in between. She is committed to  being a student and spokes person for the horse. Enjoy her books to read on amazon books.

About style

A.K. Moss has had a colorful childhood that shows up in her fictional characters of her novels that draws in her readers to feel, breathe and live the story.  Finding her works published in soft bound, Kindle, and Audio books. As a reader you will find the ease and depth of her words carry deep with in the story into a place of self discovery of your own. Visit her Blogs at akmosshorses/wordpress  to see what emotion she brings out in you.


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